When launching a new online web presense, choosing a web host is a very important step.


Through the years I have worked many different web hosting companies and have had some good experiences and some very bad experiences. Clearly not all web hosting companies perform the same and in this article, I will share with you what I have learned about what is important when choosing a web host.

Often times people looking for web hosting focus too much on price which is a not wise. Sometimes people select inexpensive web hosting plans and, in the end, they are left with a poor performing site that loads slowly and is not properly supported. If something goes wrong with their website – and that does happen – they are forced to wait in a cue and hope they hear back from a technician within the next few days.

So what is important? True 99.9% up-time, modern, fast hardware and up-to-date hosting software platforms, lightening fast pipelines to the internet and true 24/7 – 365 technical support that is knowledgeable, professional and is reachable by phone. It is relatively easy for someone to setup a website hosting company but it requires real dedication and commitment to support your clients in all necessary ways.

For about 4 years I worked with a web host company that, at first, was great. The price was right and the services they offered seemed fantastic. After 2 years things began to get progressively worse. My websites performance began to slow down and it became harder and  harder to get technical support. By the end of of my time working with them, my websites performance was awful and the only time I could speak with someone was during sporadic hours, usually between 12 noon and 5pm or 7pm to 9pm Central time. What happened was this company offered their clients every possible option at cheap prices but they overloaded their servers with too many website accounts. Because their prices were so cheap, they built a very large client base and ultimately lost the ability (and commitment) to support them.

My websites were on servers with many, many thousands of other websites all competing for the same server resources. This is a recipe for disaster. When it became intolerable I decided to go searching for a company that met my criteria with very high quality standards.

To sum up, be very selective about which web hosting company you choose.

  • Make sure they are well staffed with a relatively large amount of employees who are professional and knowledgeable
  • Make sure they have 24/7 phone support
  • Be sure they don’t over fill their servers with too many websites
  • Check if they use modern equipment with redundant high speed connections to the internet
  • I also strongly suggest you select a web host that uses the cPanel technology.

Selecting the right web hosting company will make all the difference between a great website experience and a terrible one. Choose the wrong company and you stand to lose revenue, time and clients. Choose wisely and rest with confidence.