The combination of LiteSpeed Web Server software, CloudFlare DNS connections and solid state hard drives (SSD) will speed up websites by decreasing web page load times.


LightSpeed Web Server software is a replacement for Apache with benchmarks stating a 9 times faster server performance.

CloudFlare claims to protect and accelerate online websites. CloudFlare is a global community of websites that pool resources to increase page load times and protect from outside attacks. One very cool feature is that CloudFlare can keep your website online when your server has downtime.

Solid State Drives have been proven to load web content faster than traditional drives used in most web hosts, both incoming and outgoing.

Google loves fast loading websites and is critical for higher page rank!

Conventional web design says, “trim the fat”. Turn off unneeded extensions, modules, plugins. Uninstall what you’re not using within your content management system, including templates. Compress CSS and scripts, decrease image sizes.

After setting up a website on a web host with these technologies, my page load times went from 12.16 seconds to 1.79 seconds.