Quality Content

The term “content is king” has been the mantra of digital marketers for well over a decade but remains just as important today as ever.

When considering your marketing strategies, it’s always wise to keep this as number 1 on your checklist. No matter what content you’re creating, always ask, “How beneficial is this to my client?” If the answer isn’t “very important” or at least “important”, than perhaps you’re better off considering creating something different.

Focused Content

Creating content that is focused on a very specific topic means a website visitor will more likely be happy with what they find.

Online users have become more and more savvy and impatient and have learned to quickly scan content to see if it provides what they’re looking for. If it’s not what they’re looking for, they’re gone and may never come back.

Client Personalization and Interaction

Interacting with your clients online is an excellent way to create a bond and help your clients find what they’re looking for.

Software technologies such as live chat provide an immediate connection with your visitors and, most importantly, helps them feel like they’re having a personal / human encounter. In these digital times, providing a personal experience can give you the edge.


Search Engine Optimization continues to be just as critical as ever and remains one of the best methods of attaining clients. Knowing exactly how to optimize your website content so that it’s found and loved by search engines is the key.

Voice Search is an very established method and your content needs to include phrases people will likely speak into search engines. Examples such as “best pizza in Tampa” and “best movies 2018” show how people communicate while searching. Include such phrases into your content and reap the benefits.

Social Media

The main social media portals are an excellent way to promote your content and web presence. Most people think of Facebook and Twitter when planning ways to promote but other major portals are also very effective. Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Google Local and LinkedIn can be used to expand your reach.

Creating and sharing content on these social outlets can help you reach a wider, more interested market.

Use Video

Creating video content continues to grow as a extremely effective method to get your clients attention.

Some interesting Youtube Statistics:

  • Online vs Live TV: 6 out of 10 people prefer
  • Half of viewers under 32 will not subscribe to a pay-TV service
  • 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube
  • Youtube viewership went up 74% in 2015
  • YouTube reaches more 18-49 mobile users than broadcast or CABLE TV network

Mobile Marketing

As the mobile viewership continues to grow, marketing directly towards this platform becomes more and more important.

The world is spending up to $1 trillion to make the internet the #1 method for engaging the internet. Web apps are taking over the app world with people less interested in installing mobile apps on their phones and expecting their web browsers to do the same thing.

It has become paramount for websites to work 100% on mobile devices, especially phones. Google is now indexing websites based on their mobile configurations. With this in mind, marketing directly to smart phones has becoming a wise direction.