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JSYMedia is a web design consulting firm specializing in the Joomla CMS.

  • was founded in 2004 by Jay Yarbrough after creating websites since 1996 (20 years).

  • We guide clients through the entire website process, from conception to setup, design and development to publishing, search engine visibility and on to maintenance.

  • Joomla websites are the most powerful and capable available today.

  • We provide website upgrades, rebuilds and Joomla migrations.

History ~ My first website was created in 1995.


Jay Yarbrough of JSYMedia1995 Using the now defunct GeoCities, I crafted my first "web page" complete with center-align text. Geocities offered a wizard-like GUI allowing members to use it's primitive interface to create their site. This was an exciting time!

1996 I discovered the original version of Adobe Pagemill which soon was replaced by Adobe GoLive. These were early WYSIWYG editors and offered the ability to graphically design websites without having to hard code pages.

1996 My initial professional website was created for the Italian jazz band "Spajazzy". The site was built in both English and Italian using Adobe PageMill and was online for about 2 years.

1999 I moved from Boston to Hollywood, CA and was hired by Trigg Industries to rebuild their website and head-up the marketing department. Using Microsoft Frontpage, I built a complex website featuring an extensive product line and included contact forms, file download Early Thumdar.coms and static web pages. I also designed their full marketing package including logo, product catalogs, trade show booth large-scale graphics, letterhead, etc.

2002 My first web design business was created on the domain This domain would be abandoned in 2007 for

2002-2004 During this time I began freelance web design and helped a number of clients setup or tweak their sites. My personal website was founded and was when the original version of 'Thumdar in There' was created, a fan-site for the 3D virtual world of

2004 I moved to Florida and began extensive research of all available content management systems (CMS) and wisely chose Joomla! as my specialty. Joomla seemed to have the brightest future with a devoted community of talented software developers and web design enthusiasts.

USAGuitarSource.com2004 My website 'Thumdar in There' was recreated using the domain and was launched and has become internationally known for its 3D social virtual world content.

2004-2007 Multiple websites were built using Joomla, FrontPage 2000, phpBB and OSCommerce.

2007 was registered and the company was launched.

2011 became the official forums for the 3D virtual world of and has brought notoriety in certain gaming communities.

Present JSYMedia continues to build Joomla websites for non-profits and for-profit organizations nationwide. 

JSYMedia Clients

Through the years I've worked with individuals, small businesses, non-profits and large corporations.
I've built sites for entrepreneurs, manufacturers, recording studios, corporate resellers, music bands, yacht manufacturers, clown alleys and others. Working with a variety of requirements and applications poses challenges which keeps things interesting.

Some clients know exactly what they want while others have little time to invest but understand they need a website. Some clients want to have complete control and working knowledge of their finished site while others are too busy and prefer me to do maintenance and complete updates. Whatever your needs are, I'm happy to help you fulfill them.

Here's to 17 more years of web design!
Jay Yarbrough